A Venn Diagram

Like many nerds on the internet (like me), I’m a fan of XKCD, a popular web comic. I recently came across a certain XKCD comic that seemed pretty appropriate for Catholic Schools:

Source: XKCD.

Obviously this should be taken with a grain of salt (we still need to communicate to people to “sell” the idea of the school to them), but it makes a very important point: keep your basic information accessible to those who are looking for it.

In other words, you can still have the philosophy statement, but don’t bury the parking information either.

Remember: school websites are jam-packed with information – not just University websites. Even small school websites house abnormally large amounts of info, and every person coming to the site is looking for one small piece of that info, and they want to find it fast.

The process of keeping that info organized doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Start with a clear organizational plan and stick to it. As content grows, reference your master information architecture plan, and keep things from spiraling out of control on the content side. That way you can keep your site organized and keep your visitors (including our comic author here) happy and informed.