Catholic School Web Design at NCEA 2011

I’m pleased to announce that Catholic School Web Design is going to be giving a talk at NCEA 2011 next April in New Orleans!

Our talk is called “Building the Next Generation of Catholic High Schools Online”, and it will be an overview of our assessment of the current state of Catholic school presence on the web, and what people within those schools can do to address common problems and hurdles.

Myself and Lance Johnson will be giving the talk, and will be present when the conference happens April 26-28 2011. We’ll be on Twitter throughout the two-day event, so keep an eye out, say hello, and make sure to put our talk on your schedule! Well, once we know when it will be.


  • Carol

    Excellent! This is a much needed and appreciated presentation. I have been trying to impart the importance of high quality websites to administrators for years. The need is exceptional with the current trend in the East in particular of schools closing. Good luck, I will try to attend, I am presenting as well.

  • Adam Fairholm

    Thanks Carol! You’re right about the problem with schools closing. Catholic schools need to do a better job of communicating their benefits to potential students.

    I hope to see you and also attend your presentation at NCEA!

  • Johny Anderson

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