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Resisting the Urge to Build Custom

Tuesday, October 19th, 2010

People in the web design and development world go through some defined stages, like teenagers. Only there is (slightly) less drama and more, well, web development.

The most important stage, to me, is the stage where you build everything custom. From the ground up. I was and still am a huge fan of CodeIgniter as a basic code framework, but I still liked building the things that managed the sites I built.

One of the reasons for this is it is part of the learning process of coding. Coding a blog sounds fun, so why use someone else’s blog they coded and integrate it? That’s where you learn how things fit together and how great code is born. If you never try your hat at building something like your own content management system, you can miss out on some great learning experiences as a developer. You learn to appreciate how great systems are put together.

That’s really where my coding education took place, and after some time I learned to appreciate the benefits of using other code and other solutions to build something.

Why am I mentioning this? Because very often, the idea will be floated within a Catholic school that a portal or CMS should be built from the ground up to suit their needs. We’re not saying that this is an idea floated by novice developers or web pros, but I’d like to argue that this is the wrong way to go, for several reasons.