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Website Faux Pas

Thursday, June 24th, 2010

The web moves fast – really fast. Not only do people that work in the web have to keep up with the general trends and advances in technology, they need to keep track of what has been effectively left by the roadside in design and development.

That can be a time consuming task, but here at Catholic School Web Design, we’ll do the work for you and let you know about the important stuff that affects school sites all over, as well as Catholic school sites.

We’re starting off this commitment by bringing you a list of things that make people cringe when they visit a website, and are likely to leave your visitor with a diminished impression of your institution. Using deprecated and outdated elements in commercial web design tells your internet savvy visitor (and they’re all internet savvy now) that there isn’t much effort put into maintaining the site, even if there is. A feeling that a visitor is looking at an old, neglected website is a great way to get them to leave – something we’d like to avoid of course.

For some readers, this will be old news. However, we know there are Catholic school sites out there that have these elements, so we’ve got to be thorough!