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Creating a Great Donate Page

Friday, July 9th, 2010

How many pages on your site actually bring in money directly? Probably only one – your donation page.

If you don’t have a donation page, we’re preparing an article on services that provide an easy way to take money online painlessly (that aren’t Paypal). We’ll have that up next week, but today we’re talking about the donation page itself.

It really makes sense to spend some time refining your home page and creating something that really works. Like we just mentioned, your donation page actually creates revenue and can be an important part of an annual fund or a campaign.

What may not be so obvious is that very small changes in your donation page can make a huge different in your rate of conversion – that is, how many people are visiting the donation page and actually following through and making a gift. To cover the bases of what every donation page should be doing, we’ve put together some tips that can be put into use to create an engaging donation page that results in more online giving. Let’s get going!