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Setting Up a Decision Process

Wednesday, June 30th, 2010

The start of a new project is a lot of fun. You set up all sorts of new things in hopes of using them to create something great. There are meetings, new ideas, new designs, and a whole lot of possibilities.

Most projects start with things up in the air: what platform are we going to use? Are we going to use this feature? How will we take donations online? It’s very easy to come up with questions. It is far more difficult to settle on an answer. The problem is, for large and small projects taken on by Catholic schools, there is no set way to make those decisions. It is just assumed that they are going to be made somehow.

Suddenly, you have too many cooks, and all of them can put an ingredient into the soup if they want. How do we stop this? Luckily, it can be pretty easy.