Welcome to Catholic School Web Design!

Catholic Schools face a unique challenge on the web. While many websites have singular goals, Catholic Schools are tasked with creating online presences that act as a public and selling tool, a donation solicitation method, a communication tool to reach parents and students, and an information house for classroom materials and other vital materials.

For any organization, creating something that serves all these purposes is a daunting challenge. And yet, there are precious little resources available for the groups tasked with making these sites a reality and managing them on a day to day basis.

That’s why we started Catholic School Web Design (CSWD). Our goal is to bring you a mix of information that is useful, informative, and catered specifically to Catholic Schools.

To learn a little bit more about us, check out our Meet Us.

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Since we are also web developers, we are available for hire and consultation. Check out our Hire Us for more information.

We hope you find what we have to say useful and valuable – don’t hesitate to comment or contact us!


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